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Charter cargo operations

For more than 28 years Aviacon Zitotrans Airlines has been providing charter cargo operations to deliver outsized and heavy cargoes  and equipment, project, humanitarian, high-value and dangerous goods, self-propelled equipment, oil and gas and aerospace equipment, helicopter and other aircraft, sea containers, unique animal transportation.

The basis of the airline's aircraft fleet is made up of the IL-76 aircraft, a transport aircraft with a payload capacity of 46 tons and a cargo cabin volume of 180 m3. The aircraft is equipped with onboard cranes (telphers) and does not require special ground handling equipment.

The IL-76 is capable of landing on short unpaved runways. All this makes it an indispensable means of transportation for air delivery of large-size and heavy cargoes, and also makes delivery to airports with poorly developed infrastructure possible.

In September 2001, cooperation with the United Nations began and the airline performed the first charter cargo flight with humanitarian aid to Pakistan for Afghan refugees. Since 2002, the airline has been transporting humanitarian cargo for various UN units to regions affected by natural disasters and epidemics.

In addition to transportation of ordinary cargoes, the airline has proved to be a reliable partner in transportation of non-standard cargoes: its assets include transportation of collections of paintings of the State Hermitage Museum, transportation of animals - from herds of horses and bulls to entire zoos.

Today Aviacon Zitotrans is one of the three largest cargo charter airlines in Russia, provides domestic and international air transportation of strategic, military, humanitarian, large-size and live cargoes using IL-76 TD aircraft. The airline's airplanes have visited more than 850 airports in 161 countries on all continents.

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Charter cargo operations

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