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“Aviacon Zitotrans” is a Russian charter cargo airline founded in 1995 in Yekaterinburg.

Our mission:

“Born to deliver!

We will deliver the goods of our customers at the right time and at the best prices, thanks to the unique fleet of ramp cargo aircraft, coverage of the main world markets, wide experience, quality service, reliability and safety of flights ”

Our motto: “We are different, but together we succeed because each of us is used to winning!”

Our team

The airline employs more than 200 people - these are aviation industry professionals from all over Russia with experience in organizing and flying to 161 countries.


«Aviacon»  is proud of its team. Our flight crew, engineering service, flight engineers and operators can rightfully be called the company's golden assets. The total average flight time of airline commanders is over 10,000 flight hours, and co-pilots are over 8,000 flight hours. Such experience is the key to flight safety and cargo safety. It is flight safety that allows «Aviaсon Zitotrans» to develop within the framework of the chosen strategy - leadership in the field of quality of services provided.

Our opportunities

  • Corporate training

Every year, the airline provides training of new pilots for IL-76 aircraft.

  • Mentoring system

The functions of mentors in the company are performed by experienced employees. Mentoring is not only a method of training, but also a way of transferring the values ​​and traditions of the airline, attracting new employees to the corporate culture. 

  • Corporate life and social responsibility 

«Aviacon Zitotrans» is a socially responsible employer. The company annually rewards employees in connection with memorable dates; seeks the award of well-proven employees with a long record of work Honorary diplomas from the Government and the Legislative Assembly of the Sverdlovsk Region, departmental awards; provides financial assistance to employees who find themselves in a difficult life situation.The airline honors corporate values: holds corporate competitions and events, celebrates corporate dates, develops corporate social media, participates in significant social and political projects.

We openly accept those who share our values ​​and views on business.

Projects and Solutions

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Animal Transportation




Charter cargo operations

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