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Cargo types

Humanitarian Cargo



Devastating earthquake in Haiti

January 12, 2010, a massive earthquake stroke Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, reported to be one of the strongest in human history.

The earthquake destroyed thousands of houses, the majority of hospitals and non-residential buildings.

NGOs, as well as many governments of the world, united their efforts to eliminate appalling consequences of this terrible disaster.

In January 2010 Aviacon operated five flights to Haitian airports delivering mobile hospitals vehicles, tents, canopies, water treatment equipment, and other essential supplies provided by the Spanish, French and German Red Cross.

Pakistan Flood

July 2010, Pakistan was flooded after heavy rains. The number of the flood victims was  estimated to be two million people. The death toll exceeded one and a half thousand, thousands of people became homeless; and approximately twenty million of Pakistani people were in urgent need of humanitarian aid.

Aviacon fleet delivered 200 t of urgent relief aid consigned by various humanitarian NGOs.

Helicopters Delivery

Aviacon is widely known in the professional community of helicopter operators as a reliable provider of cost-effective solutions for redeployment of their rotorcraft. It has become the first choice IL-76 carrier to transport medium utility helicopters (MI-8/17, Puma SA 330, Cougar AS 532). Company loadmasters possess solid experience in loading/offloading of Bell-206, -212 and other models of rotocraft of the same class onto IL-76 cargo deck.


Heavy and outsize cargo

The transportation of heavy, oversized and delicate cargo requires special skills and forward planning. Our company has years of proven experience in performing such flights with our qualified crew and loadmasters.

Thorough preparational work prior to the flight and special arrangements of the additional equipment provide a basis for the safe loading / offloading process. However, the hardest work happens on the field, and our loadmasters always successfully meet the challenges arising during loading / offloading on the spot.

Experienced team of load planners is based in the company headquarters in Yekaterinburg. Their professional portfolio includes safe loading / offloading of heavy outsize pieces of up to 40 tonnes, which requires thorough preparational work with airport authorities, handlers, trucking companies, additional loading/offloading equipment providers etc.


In  March 2013 Aviacon airlifted heavy metal equipment  from Russia to Korea and backwards to meet a short deadline to deliver a 46-tonnes shipment of a power plant equipment. This was  the heaviest monopiece ever moved by IL-76TD aircraft. 

Dangerous goods

Aviacon is well known as a reliable carrier among prominent exporters of dangerous goods, sensitive and hazardous materials.

It was nominated as a carrier for the airlift deliveries of high-value cargo under the contracts with the top world exporters, such as EADS, Thales Underwater, Nexter Systems, BAE Systems, Bharat Dynamics Limited etc.

Two in-house IATA certified DG specialists provide expertise and support in proper processing of DG-related documentation and pre-flight load planning. They can check or prepare themselves a complete set of cargo documentation (AWB, DGD) to apply for the Exemption from Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air and provide a special safety brief for the crew.

ICAO Class 1 and Class 7 DG are subject to special company procedures from the early stages of assessment till the load planning and onboard handling.

Live cargo


In 2006, the Air Company delivered a pair of the world’s rarest species of rhinos (Rhinoceros unicornis) from Nepal to Europe as a gift from the King of Nepal to Vienna Zoo.

In his letter of gratitude, the Director of Animal Transport Association and the Chairman of the UN-Convention of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora noted that he ‘will recommend the company [Aviacon Air Cargo]…to everybody who prepares shipments of live animals around the world’.


In 2008, Aviacon’s aircraft delivered eight white whales from Anapa, Russia, to one of the world’s largest oceanariums located in Hamilton, Canada.

In August 2010, the Air Company carried white whales again. This time animals travelled from Vladivostok, Russia, to the dolphinarium in Guangzhou, China. For the four of them to feel ‘at ease’, the ‘passengers’ were placed into the tanks filled with water and there were about 2 tons of fish on the menu.


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