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Aviacon air cargo company performed its first flight from Yekaterinburg to Fujairah (the UAE). Aviacon decided to focus on marketing of a Russian ramp freighter IL76 on international air charter market.


Aviacon joined AVS Group, a Urals-based investment corporation. The strategic partnership with its sister logistics company made it possible for AVS to offer a unique door-to-door service to its clients and became one of the key factors of the company development on the international and domestic air cargo market.


Aviacon started its long-term cooperation with the UN Organisations specializing in transporting humanitarian commercial and military cargo to Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.


In October 2002 an outstanding transportation of a heavy (42 t) monopiece from Finland to Brazil hit the headlines of industry media.


Aviacon fleet was heavily utilized by the UN DPKO (Department for Peacekeeping Operations) in Africa.

In autumn a big airlift project (more than 90 flights) with contingent owned equipment was completed for South African peacekeepers (the UN Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo - MONUC, Kindu, 2003). Over 2500 tons of cargo were carried to Kindu (20 sea containers, equipment, armored personnel carriers).


Aviacon signed a long-term contract with the UN World Food Programme (UN WFP). For 3 years Aviacon plane had been on permanent standby either in Brindisi (Italy) or on duty at its home base with 48 hours ‘reactivation’ period. The aircraft was painted in UN colors and had UN call signs.


Aviacon performed over 75 humanitarian flights in support of Southeast Asia affected by a disastrous tsunami.

In autumn 2005 a series of flights with humanitarian cargo was performed to earthquake-hit Pakistan.


Aviacon was one of the first commercial air companies that landed in Beirut with humanitarian aid to the war-torn Lebanon. Chartered by the UN World Food Programme Aviacon planes made multiple flights with food aid from Geneva to Larnaca thus building an air-sea lifeline for the stranded people.


Aviacon became a UN Vendor (reg. #26411).

In June the airline signed a long-term lease contract with DHL International B.S.C. For two years Aviacon IL76 was based in Manama (Bahrain) tasked by DHL.

Expanding its geography Aviacon brought the total number of countries visited by its fleet to 125.

Aviacon was inspected by the state regulator Transport Canada. The Canadian Foreign Operator Certificate had been granted to by the end of the year.


Aviacon became a member of The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA).

Two more planes joined the fleet in the mid of the year. Aviacon Zitotrans now operates the largest commercial fleet of the IL-76 in Russia.

In the same year Aviacon was certified by the Chinese CAA as compliant with CCAR Part 129.

The Aviacon country list now expanded to 130.


In 2009 the Aviacon aircraft were used to deliver the UN owned equipment to Indian and Rwandian peacekeepers in Darfur, Sudan.

The total shipment consisted of 1,500 tons of which the main commodity were vehicles, outsize cargo (trailers, generators), general supply / sustainment items. The operation involved 67 x IL-76 charters, it started on March 9th 2009 and ended on April 23rd 2009.

Aviacon was audited by the UN World Food Programme.


Aviacon managed to expand on domestic market. Hundreds of tonnes of metal structures, drilling and pile-driving equipment were delivered to the Far East as a part of a big gasification project in the Russian Far East region of Kamchatka.

From January to May Aviacon completed a number of flights to deliver humanitarian cargo on behalf of various NGOs to the Republic of Haiti affected by a catastrophic earthquake.

Over 100 tonnes of humanitarian cargo were lifted in August to the Kyrgyz Republic.


For the first time in its history Aviacon fleet reached eight Il-76TDs.

A number of helicopter operators now appeared in its client list.

Under the World Food Programme Aviacon brought 2 civil helicopters from Karachi (Pakistan) to Ras Al Khaimah (the UAE), 2 civil helicopters Mi-8 from Karachi (Pakistan) to Arkhangelsk (Russia) and 1 civil helicopter from Juba (the Republic of South Sudan) to Entebbe (Uganda). Contributing to the logistic support of the UN / African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) Aviacon performed a flight with a civil helicopter Mi-8 from Katmandu (Nepal) to Khartoum (Sudan).

The number of countries visited by the Aviacon planes reached 144.


In a challenging market environment, Aviacon still managed to be ranked as the 9th Russian air carrier in terms of cargo turnover.

In 2012 the Aviacon fleet was heavily utilised by the UN in logistic support of its Mission in the world newest state of South Sudan.

A big shipment of humanitarian goods and equipment of peacekeepers was moved in May for the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).

Mongolian peacekeepers’ equipment was airlifted from Ulan Bator to Juba.

Later that year the same kind of goods was moved to the capital of South Sudan from the UN Logistic Base in Brindisi (Italy).


In 2013Aviacon hit the headlines of industry media thanks to its record-breaking flight with a 46-tonne monopiece. Never before a massive single piece of equipment like that had been moved by air with the IL76. A rotor for a gas turbine generator of a Russian electric station flew to South Korea and back.

Yet another three countries appeared on the Aviacon world map: Nicaragua, Mozambique and Somalia.

Aviacon was granted the Nuclear License issued by Rosatom (the Russian Federation national nuclear corporation). After the quality audit conducted by the state regulator Aviacon was approved as compliant with the requirements of regulatory and since authorized to handle nuclear materials and radioactive substances.

In autumn Aviacon bid in its first tender for providing air charter services for a major Russian nuclear fuel supplier.


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